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Last Look at Shepherd of the Hills at its existing site.

June 4, 2006



On June 6, 2006, a fire call was called in around 6:30 pm to the Scales Mound Fire Department. A dumpster at the side of the church was on fire. The Scales Mound Fire Department along with other local units responded immediately. The fire was put out and an investigation was conducted. The church sustained minimal damage to the siding.


JUNE 12, 2006 -- Heritage Movers brought the beams and ties down to get started Tuesday.

JUNE 13, 2006 -- Holes were punched into the front of the church foundation for the beams to be slid through. Ground was moved at the site.

JUNE 14, 2006 -- Holes were made in the side of the foundations and the wheels and lifts were put into place for the lifting of the church off of the foundation.

JUNE 16, 2006 -- Footings were poured at the new site.

The move is scheduled to take place on Wednesday (June 21) or Thursday (June 22).


Thursday, June 22, 2006 -- The church is up off the foundation and moved to the right of where it once stood. It is ready to go. The movers said that they plan to tentatively move the church on Wednesday, June 28, 2006, if everything goes as planned. They plan to start at 8:30 am and should be finished about 1:00 pm. These plans could change depending on weather and other conditions.

The new road the church will travel on to its new home. Located at the far end of the upper parking lot.

The church ready for the move.

June 28, 2006 -- Shepherd of the Hills began its journey at 1018 E. Schapville Road, Elizabeth, IL traveling thru the field for a half mile to 536 E Schapville Road, Scales Mound. The journey began about 9:45 am and ended at its new home by 4:45 pm. There were a few unexpected problems but everything went smoothly.
July we will see the construction of the basement foundation, adding the addition to the right side of the church and the expansion of the entry. Keep checking for new updates.
July 27, 2006 -- The basement wall are going up and the cement trucks are moving in. Weber Concrete is doing the cement work at the church. The cement is from Flynn Ready Mix of Galena.
Thursday, August 3, 2006 -- The forms were taken down and the wall of the basement are done. At least the cement part. If everything goes ok they may be able to set the church down onto the foundation next week.

Thursday, August 11, 2006 -- The church was set on the foundation walls. The work will now begin.

The week of August 14 -- 18th, Winter Plumbing from Scales Mound installed the plumbing pipes in the basement floor before the concrete  floor is poured.

September has seen wet weather. 

September 15, 2006 --The entryway of the church has been moved out. While moving the front wall out it collapsed. God was with us again because the stain glass windows on either side of the door were not damaged or was the stain glass window above the door. But the small circle stain glass window of the Luther Rose was damaged. 

Week of September 18 to 26 -- The basement floor has been poured and the floor for the new addition has also been poured. The front entry way has been all enclosed.








October brings the new addition being framed up. It has been wet and gloomy out. Handicap bathrooms have been framed and so has the kitchen, maintenance room and hall way.  FS installed the new propane tank.  They are trying to get it framed up so they can work inside when the weather turns winter like. Sidewalks are in place both in front of the church and on the lower side. The upper and lower parking lot is finished. By the photo below, Top Notch (out of Galena, IL) has the electricity hooked up.


The week that ended the month of October and began the month of November found the entire church  roof (new & old) all shingled. The new addition is framed in and the new furnaces & air conditioners are on their pads at the rear and side of the church. Windows will be put in the first full week of November. Furnace duct work will be worked on starting this next week (11/05/06)
New kitchen area  & utility room in basement.

Church as of 11/03/06

A sketch of the church as it will look.

As of November 17, 2006 -- the windows and doors are in. The stairs to the second floor of the new addition are in. Construction continues and the word is that the Sanctuary will be ready for the Christmas Eve service.

The old land site that the church use to call home and the school house with lot were sold at an auction on Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 10:00 am. There were about two dozen people there. Both pieces of property were sold.

New monument that sits at the entrance of the church.
The last week in November -- three gothic windows were added to the front of the new section. The entryway has all the drywall up and taped. The openings from the sanctuary to the new construction have been cut out. Windows in the stairwell have been added.  

                                                                                < east of the sanctuary

December brought warmer than normal weather and the siding was put on the new addition. The sanctuary area walls were repaired, the east section was plastered and painted. The congregation got the ok to hold services at the church for December 24, 2006. There were four services that day.
New cabinets have been added to Pastor Barb's office and to the east of the sanctuary -- gathering room.

Steve & Pam Ohms donated a new piano. The large white tables and chairs were given in memory of Eldon Wills by his family.

January 28, 2007 a dedication service will be held at 3 pm and an open house will follow for the congregation and public from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.